Global Shipping

Global Shipping can be arranged for all artworks sold.

Artworks can be shipped on frames or stripped and encased in plastic tubes depending on customer preferences.

  1. Artworks on frames will be wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap, sealed  and appropriately packaged to prevent any sort of damage in transit.
  2. Stripped artworks are rolled and encased in plastic tubes for ease in shipping. These artworks can then be stretched and framed by professional framers at the shipped destination.
  3. Sketches will be rolled and shipped in tubes unless requested otherwise.

All artworks are sold on an ex works basis. The buyer will be responsible for the cost of shipping, insurance and all other related costs.  Couriers of choice are DHL, FEDEX & UPS. They will arrange and take care of all required formalities and provide easy tracking till the shipment reaches its destination.